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You get an expert team dedicated to building YOUR digital presence allowing you to become the center of influence in your respected field.

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❓Do you hate wondering why your video content doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

❓Are you tired of wasting your valuable time on pitching prospects, overcoming objections, training employees and answering the same questions over and over instead of focusing on growing your brand?

❓Do you wish you had a proven system that allows you to automate areas of your business and connect with your audience in a way that builds trust?

Answer 'Yes!' to any of these?

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It’s rare to find someone who says they ‘enjoy’ creating their own branding content, nevertheless knowing what kind of videos actually work and what platforms to post them on.

They’d rather continue to work on growing their business the old fashion way and ignore where business is heading in 2024 - and that's a problem!

Digital Branding isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you plan on thriving over the next decade.

Without it, your business will surely be left behind.

I can tell you from personal experience that there’s no bigger pain than seeing others in your industry THRIVE on social media while you feel overwhelmed and anxious by the thought of creating your own branding videos- which is where Video Service Hub comes in.

Talking with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners has made one thing clear… they are incredible at what they do (creating products and services), but generally terrible at marketing themselves on social media or effectively using the power of video to grow their brand and attract more clients.

If that sounds like you...let’s hop on a quick call where we can learn about your business goals and you can learn more about our services and processes. ►

(nice) things people say...

"Heather is a creative genius! After interviewing different videographers, it was clear she shared our vision for the project we had in mind. She was very organized and worked with us for weeks leading up to the event to make sure all the details were sorted. On the day, Heather and her assistant brought out the best in all our interviewees by making them feel confident. Her final product was both beautiful and well executed, beyond what we could have even imagined. She was thorough and communicative during the entire process. Everyone in our organization is excited about how it all turned out. We'll be using our marketing videos for years, and plan to invite Heather back to help us again in the future!"


Mira Landry -

Conference Lead for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Heather is a true triple threat when it comes to video. She’s an incredibly passionate, talented, and communicative videographer, producer, and editor. I’ve worked with Heather on multiple projects for nearly a decade and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely professional, easy and fun to work with, and delivers amazing, high quality results. Heather also provides invaluable insights and consulting throughout the entire process, making her an ideal partner for anyone from video novice to tenured professional. When you have the chance to work with Heather and Video Service Hub, I’m certain you’ll love the results and find an opportunity to collaborate again in the future."


Ryan Smith -

Senior L&D Manager at Alterra Mountain Company

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Heather Hukari at Video Service Hub for a video production project, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Ease of Communication & Support: Incredibly easy to work with, providing supportive guidance throughout the process. Always available to answer any questions I had, ensuring a smooth and easy experience.

Quick Response Time: Whether it was a question or a request for a modification, they were quick to respond, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient service.

Speedy Delivery of Final Product: The turnaround time for the final product was remarkable. They delivered a high-quality video well within the promised timeline, which was a very impressive.

Quality of Work: The final video exceeded my expectations in every way. It was evident that they paid attention to every detail, resulting in a product that was not only visually compelling but also effectively communicated the message.

I wholeheartedly recommend Heather and Video Service Hub for anyone looking for top-notch video production services. Their expertise, combined with their customer-focused approach, makes them an ideal choice."


Heather Pridemore -

Owner/CEO, Pridemore Coaching

a little show and tell...

Video Sales Letter

We absolutely love to show off your brand with a well crafted, strategic video sales letter. This type of video presents your ideal client's problem and agitates it so that they feel understood. Then a solution is presented and it becomes obvious why YOU are the solution. This is a great video to sit on your homepage, and also can be run as an ad. We do the writing, shooting and editing. While shooting, we also created many testimonial videos for KinetikChain's website and social channels.

YouTube Videos

Building a YouTube channel is a great way to get more eyeballs on your company. Mountain Luxe RV, a Grech RV Dealership, came to us with an already built channel that they were shooting their own videos for using an phone. But, since it's a luxury RV line, they wanted their videos to reflect that luxury with an upscale look. So we took over the shooting and editing, and their videos are getting thousands of views and, even better, they've gotten many phone calls and visits directly from the videos.

Marketing Videos

Thomas MacLaren Charter School needed a video to show prospective parents what the school was all about. MacLaren is a unique and special charter, so we wanted to use many different voices to tell the story of it. We shot 20+ interviews and a lot of footage of school in session. Then in editing, we cut together the best bits to give viewers a real sense of the schools mission, vision and values. Utilizing real voices is a great way to tell a story and have people relate to it. They were THRILLED with this video!

Training Videos

A good training video can be so beneficial to any company. With Heather's extensive background in training videos while working at Chipotle, we know that making training videos as fun and interesting as possible is key to actually getting people to watch them! By adding graphics, funny lines and a lot of examples, this video teaches the video/photo Rule or Thirds in a way that a novice could understand it and put it into practice immediately.

Recruiting Videos

Alterra Mountain Company was expanding and came to us to create a serious of recruiting videos. We decided to feature current employees and hear about their real experiences. We interviewed many people and then carefully edited together the best pieces to compel viewers to want to work there. Alterra provided us with excellent b-roll footage that we were able to add to the video to help show the environment even more.

Event Promo Video

We partnered with Alfalfa's Market to create a series of grand opening videos for their newest location. Because they were so busy getting ready to open, we handled the scripting of each video. Then we shot the videos and edited them. We made sure to show off their high-end vibe with the quality of the video. They posted these videos on social media and ran them as ads to market their big grand opening event.

Social Media Videos

If you aren't using short-form videos on social media, what are you doing with your life? This type of video is a great way to get more eyeballs on your and your content and to start building that know, like and trust factor people need to buy from you. We craft these videos for our clients entirely- from writing the scripts, shooting the videos and fancy-ing them up with editing. And, we will even post them with an appropriate caption and the right hashtags!

Story-Driven Videos

We adore putting stories together from interviews. A non-profit organization, Young Invincibiles, needed a video that showed what they were about and the impact they have on the community. What better way to showcase that than hearing from real people? We interviewed 3 different youth who are part of the organization. We highlighted stories from their lives that brought them to Young Invincibles, and what being a part of the change has meant to them.

Custom Animation

Sometime the best way to craft a narrative is through a graphical representation. This video is one in a series of blog videos we worked on for theEMPLOYEEapp. They wanted to bring their blogs to life for those who aren't readers. We have found that combining animation with stock photos and videos is a fun way to vary the visuals and keep the viewers interested and entertained. So that's exactly what we did here. And we used their specific branding and style along the way.

Heather Hukari brings over two decades of experience and a passion for video to her role as the Owner, Founder and Lead Strategist at VSH.

Her previous successes include a thriving career creating training and internal communications videos at Chipotle, which laid the foundation for her to branch out and establish Video Service Hub in late 2018.

Growing up with a "home video" dad, Heather has been immersed in the world of video for as long as she can remember. Her love for the medium was solidified during a high school multimedia class, where she edited her first video and knew she had found her life's calling.

Heather pursued video in college and landed an editing job at an ad agency right away. Since then, she has never looked back, wholeheartedly embracing her love for video as her career, creative outlet and contribution to the world.

When Heather isn't working her magic behind the camera or in the editing suite, you can find her dominating on the pickleball court, scrolling TikTok, and, most importantly, riding bikes with her precious 4-year-old.

With her dedication, experience, and enthusiasm for video production, Heather leads the Video Service Hub team in creating exceptional content that helps businesses succeed, and she has fun doing it!

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